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News for Friday July 10th, 2020


Louisiana reported 1,843 more coronavirus cases Thursday and hospitalizations also rose by 20. The state reported 16 more deaths. The state has reported 151-thousand test for this month, but the huge surge in testing has led to delays in people getting their results back. Governor John Bel Edwards says they are working on trying to speed up the process. Here in Rapides Parish there were 47 new cases yesterday and 1 death.


State contact tracing data has identified 16 outbreaks linked to restaurants leading to at least 68 known cases.  That data has also identified that Bars lead the way with 36 outbreaks that have produced at least 393 cases.


The number of people hospitalized as result of COVID-19 has nearly doubled over the last month. According to the state department of health, there are just over 40 ICU beds available at each of these three regions, central Louisiana, the River Parishes and Acadiana. 


LSU Football Coach Ed Orgeron says coronavirus cases involving his players are under control as his team goes through voluntary workouts.


According to the U-S-A Today, Teurlings Catholic offensive lineman Jacob Lemaire has spent four days in the intensive care after being infected with COVID-19 and developing pneumonia.


The Louisiana Federation of Teachers is asking the state mandate facemask usage while on school campuses, instead of the current policy of recommending their use.


Louisiana’s K-12 schools and colleges will be shielded from most civil lawsuits if a student or teacher contracts the COVID-19 disease.


LSU Interim President Tom Galligan says school officials are working to ensure international students meet the necessary requirements to avoid being deported by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).


New Orleans Senator Karen Carter Peterson is stepping down as chairwoman of the Louisiana Democratic Party. She’s led the party for the last eight years.


LSU’s Pennington Biomedical Research Center is developing a smartphone app aiming to make it easier for consumers to stick to their diet plans by gauging calorie consumption.


Saturday is Election Day for the Presidential Preference Primary.  The voting process will look a little different than other elections. 


Sports Schedule

Sports Schedule


Friday July 24th

Houston Astros vs Seattle 7:35p  94.7 ESPN


Saturday July 25th

Houston Astros vs Seattle 2:35p  94.7 ESPN


Sunday July 26th

Houston Astros vs Seattle 12:35p  94.7 ESPN


Monday July 27th

Houston Astros vs LA Dodgers 5:35p 94.7 ESPN


Tuesday July 28th

Houston Astros vs LA Dodgers 7:35p 94.7 ESPN


Wednesday July 29th

Houston Astros vs LA Dodgers 5:35p 94.7 ESPN


Thursday July 30th

New Orleans Pelicans vs Utah 5p 94.7 ESPN


Friday July 31st

Houston Astros @ LAA 7:35p 94.7 ESPN


Saturday August 1st

New Orleans Pelicans vs LA Clippers 4:30p 94.7 ESPN


Sunday August 2nd

Houston Astros @ LAA 2:35p 94.7 ESPN


Monday August 3rd

New Orleans Pelicans vs Memphis 5p 94.7 ESPN


Tuesday August 4th

Houston Astros @ Arizona 7:35p 94.7 ESPN


Wednesday August 5th

Houston Astros @ Arizona 7:35p 94.7 ESPN


Thursday August 6th

New Orleans Pelicans vs Sacramento 12n 94.7 ESPN

Houston Astros @ Arizona 5:40p 94.7 ESPN


Friday August 7th

New Orleans Pelicans vs Washington 6:30p 94.7 ESPN


Saturday August 8th

Houston Astros @ Oklahoma 2:35p 94.7 ESPN


Sunday August 9th 

New Orleans Pelicans vs San Antonio 1:30p 94.7 ESPN


Monday August 10th

Houston Astros vs San Francisco 7:35p 94.7 ESPN


Tuesday August 11th

New Orleans Pelicans vs Sacramento  7:30p 94.7 ESPN


Wednesday August 12th

Houston Astros vs San Francisco 5:35p 94.7 ESPN


Thursday August 13th

New Orleans Pelicans vs Orlando (TBA) 94.7 ESPN


Friday August 14th

Houston Astros vs Seattle 7:35p 94.7 ESPN


Saturday August 15th

Houston Astros vs Seattle 5:35p 94.7 ESPN

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